SSProxy – a secure proxy software

ssproxy is an ASIO based, Shadowsocks protocol compatible, secure proxy software. It provides data encryption to allow connecting to a private network from a public network, surfing internet by connecting to a safe network, or circumventing network censorship.
By providing the compatibility with shadowsocks, you can use all existing shadowsocks clients which is widely available. On top of this, ssproxy provides following extra fetures:
1. Traffic control: it ensures the traffic on the two side is close, so no worry a client to use too much ram.
2. Delay socket closure: it tries to deliver all pending data to the remaining connection when one peer of the tunnel has closed
3. It has builtin suport to stream cipher algorithm chacha20-IETF, no dependence on libsodium, and other library.
4. It provides multi thread support to all platforms.

Here are a few screen snapshots:


(speedtest, ssproxy, and sockcap are running on the same pc)



(speedtest, and sockcap are running on the same pc, while ssproxy is running on an arm64 SBC)



(speedtest on Android while using a shadowsock client, work as a VPN service)



(ssproxy running on debian arm64, as a system service)


(ssproxy running on windows 10 64bit, as a system service)


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