Standalone DirectX 12 SDK(extracted from Windows 10 SDK)

Microsoft decided to ship DirectX SDK as part of Windows SDK after they released Jun2010 DX SDK, no more standlone DirectX SDK. However,  the header files and libraries are actually are very small. We may have built many products with old compilers and SDK, adding standalone DirectX 12 SDK in the include,lib path is the fastest way to allow program to load some DX12 functions dynamicly.

I have attached the compressed SDK here(remove .pdf extension after download). it’s extracted from windows 1607 SDK, a.k.a windows sdk version 10.0.14393.0,windows 10 anniversary update sdk (the latest one when I am writing this article). You can download the full windows sdk if you want utilities or more.

This standalone DX SDK has included all versions of DX header files, 9, 10, 11,12.

Please download standalone DirectX 12 SDK from here: 1607-7z

for more information, please visit:

Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK


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