install pi-hole to block advertisements

Before trying on pi-hole, I used to set dns cache server locally, and lead unwanted domains to or That works greatly for google ad, and other often-visited websites.

AD Blocker Plus was powerful when using it in Chrome and Firefox, however, it has changed its mind. Browsers also spend more CPU when enabling AD Blocker Plus.

Time to use pi-hole. It’s very easy to install, works in all debian based linux distributions. The most simple way is to download diet-pi, it’s a distribution based on raspbian, and raspbian is tailed for raspberry pi, based on debian.

first, go download the image for raspberry pi.

second, write it into a sd card(or microsoft sd card, depends on your raspberry pi version)

third, boot it, and write down its IP, remember its ssh account is, root/dietpi.

forth, download putty if windows. use ssh to connect to your rp now. install system step by step.

fifth, install pi-hole from optimized software list. it may ask you to config static ip if you haven’t done with it. or, you can do like me, set static ip in router, so that no need to re-config in case you reloaded os.

lastly, change default dns server in router to your rp ip. that’s it.


you can go http://your-rp-ip/pihole to visit pi-hole dash board.




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