build a network which can be accessed from anywhere


The core part is the intel box at home, it also can be a raspberry pi.

required to install openvpn server, shadowsocks server, a nginx as tcp proxy.


to access home resources:

method 1:

  1. we need credentials of shadowsocks
  2. we need the credentials of resources, say shared folder account.

method 2:

  1.  we need credentials of openvpn
  2.  we need intel box windows account, or raspberry pi vnc account
  3.  we access other resources by remoting through intel box or raspberry pi


to access office resources:

method 1:

  1. we need credentials of shadowsocks(proxied by tcp proxy)
  2.  we need the credentials of resources

mothed 2:

  1. it’s the same as accessing home resources in method 2.

accessing through vpn is more complicated due to we limited openvpn client from  accessing other resource(disabled ip routing), we can enable it if we want to access home resources or the other vpn clients.

openvpn is blocked by China GFW, shadowsocks is still working, and very easy to change.

openvpn share a single tcp connection for traffic, while shadowsocks makes a new connection to its server for individual connection.


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