Build WebRTC on windows

1. Install git:

if you haven’t installed a copy of git, open, download and install, suggest to select “Use Git from Windows Command Prompt” during installation.

2. Fetch depot_tools:

follow, use 7z to extract to E:\webrtc\depot_tools

3. Run depot_tools:

Open Git Cmd from startmenu, “Git CMD”

set path=%PATH%;E:\webrtc\depot_tools
cd /d e:\webrtc\


4. Get the webrtc code

mkdir webrtc-checkout
cd webrtc-checkout
fetch webrtc

5. make sure code is latest (if you want to update an existing copy, start from this step)

gclient sync

6. generate native slolutions

gclient runhooks

7. build (enter E:\webrtc\webrtc-checkout\src folder)

set path=E:\webrtc\depot_tools\python276_bin\;%path%

cd src
set GYP_GENERATORS=ninja,msvs-ninja
python webrtc/build/gyp_webrtc -G msvs_version=2013 (this is not required, but to ensure files are latest)
ninja -C out/Release

8. done, you can find binary in src\release
this is the echo info:
ninja: Entering directory `out/Release’
[2950/2950] STAMP obj\All.actions_depends.stamp


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