an iPXE-based diskless boot firmware/application

iPXE is a great solution for diskless boot from iSCSI, you can view detail from

According to our product requirement, it needs a graphic user interface to select the predefined pc name and ip, because it’s hard for installers to match mac addresses and the ip/pc name.

By introducing this feature, the installers can predefine the ip and pc names in the console, and select the entry in client pc, the system will bind the mac address to certain ip/pc name after selection.

What’s the extra work in this issue:

1. add udp communication in the iPXE code, work as a udp client, to query the pre-definitions.

2. add a graphic user interface to allow user to select, page down, page up,refresh.

The final application run on PXE environment, and development was on linuxmint-16-cinnamon.

Here is the final ui, a bit ugly, but it works.



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