Use the boot logo from Windows 8.1 in Windows 8

The new boot logo in windows 8.1 is much pretty than the one come from Windows 7/8.

then let’s use this new boot logo in the old system.

download a 32bit/64bit windows 8.1 preview ISO, according your current windows architech. extract  the bootres.dll from the iso\Boot\resource, or resources\boot.wim\Windows\Boot\Resources, or resources\Install.wim\Windows\Boot\Resources.

go to your current OS, C:\Windows\Boot, take the ownvership of the Resources folder, and set the security settings to allow Administratos to modify this folder. do the same thing to the bootres.dll.

replace the old dll with the new dll. reboot your OS, in most case, you can see the new boot logo.


It will keep no change if your system has a newer video adapter bios/mother board BIOS. Your OS should display a LOGO from video adapter/mother board. 

Please disable the quiet boot or fast boot or similar thing in Mother board if it displays the LOGO from the mother board. My desktop has an option named Quiet Boot.

It seems to hard to disable the LOGO from video adapter if so.  I don’t have a standalone video adapter, please give me a comment if you have made this.


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