A modified driver and connect manager package for HP UN2400 WWAN card

A modified driver and connect manager package for HP UN2400 WWAN card
provided by morning.ye,just for DIYers’ personal use.
1.Brief introduction
 The package is prepared for those DIYers who has bought a HP UN2400 WWAN card
while not having a certain laptop from HP.
 The package is based on original driver package from HP website,with a
little modification,in order to make HP UN2400 work properly in any computer
equipped with a mini-pci-e slot(you may use a mini-pci-e to USB converter,if
you need).
2.How to Install the driver package
 2.1 system requestments
  2.1.1 Windows XP above OS.
  2.1.2 You should install the .net framework 3.0 SP1(2.0 at least),if
  you want to install and use the connect mannager.
  2.1.3 It doesn’t matter whether you has plugged the WWAN card into a
  mini-pci-e slot or a proper converter before installing the driver packpage.
  You can do the operation before,or after installed the driver package.
 2.2 uncompress UN2400.7z to a temporary directory,and enter it.
 2.3 run 1033installer.msi in QCImages directory.
 2.4 run 1033installer.msi in QCUSBDriver directory.
 2.5 run HP Connection Manager.msi in HPCM directory.
 2.6 that’s all,you may power down computer to plug the WWAN car into a
 mini-pci-e slot,if you have do this operation.You’d better to restart your
 computer in most case.The connect manager will auto launch after login windows OS.
 3.1 The originial author of the package has NO duty to provide ANY support
 for the package.
 3.2 however,you may contact him at ywjheart@sina.com,
 you may visit his blog at http://ywjheart.spaces.live.com .
download URL: Payed only.Click here to view pay information.

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