VC2008 without .net framework

Its size is 55MB only,but coming with most of features in the professional edition.
1.full wizards from the professional edition,including the wizard from WTL8.1.the total size of wizards is about 15M.
2.full support x86/x64.its size is about 3M.
3.full support for resedit.its size is about 3M.
4.full support for addin,Visual Assist X 10.5 can work with it’s built in deveenv.exe.
5.full support for native debugging.its size is about 5M.
6.dependent on VC2008 SP1 runtime only,no dependence on any version of .net framework.
7.more still,just click _install.bat to install,take several seconds to complete install,yes,it’s very fast.
however,it has following shortcomings: compiler included,you can use it with your favorite compie toolset,eg.,VC6.0,VC7.1,VC10beta2
2.some configuration page can not work still,since its developer is using .net,it must be a fresh programmer,isn’t it?It makes the user very difficult to change the solution’s settings.I checked the files in VS2003,it’s not a .net framework pe image,maybe i should rip a VC2003 later.
you may contact me to get the scripts and utils,but not the whole package.
note 1:
after check the classname of the gridview in the configuration page,it shows it’s a derived class from WindowsForms of .net any configguration page contains a gridview in visualstudio will no longer work after remove the dependence of .net framework.

3 thoughts on “VC2008 without .net framework

  1. 不错=v=+ 装那东西太庞大了不过有没有什么副作用,我只要EXPRESS可以就是了……就好像VC6MINI那样^^?


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