let’s make VC2008 Express to be even better

VC2008 professional is powerful of course,but as a driver developer,I just need a sample IDE like VC6.It’s powerful enough for most task,however,we need a new toolkit sometimes.VC2008 express is just a good toolkit,it’s simple,and free of charge!I need some feature but express edition doesn’t have.
1.no multi-platform support.
2.no reseditor.
I got something useful after debugging,and solved the two problems above.
1.VS use exported functions named VSDllRegisterServer/VSDllUnregisterServer to (un)register dll,like a extended DllRegisterServer/DllUnregisterServer
the prototype is:
 typedef HRESULT (WINAPI *pVSRegisterProc)(LPCWSTR pszRegRoot);// VSDllRegisterServer/VSDllUnregisterServer have the same prototype
2.different root reg key between express edition and normal edition
express : SOFTWAREMicrosoftVCExpress
normal : SOFTWAREMicrosoftVisualStudio
finally,we can do like this if we want to register a dll for a special VC edition(for example,VC2008 express)
load the dll,get the function address,and call with parameter L"SOFTWAREMicrosoftVCExpress9.0" (it’s a UNICODE string,take care!)
HINSTANCE hDll=LoadLibrary(_T("somedll.dll"));
if (hDll)
 typedef HRESULT (WINAPI *pVSRegisterProc)(LPCWSTR pszRegRoot);
 pVSRegisterProc pFunc=NULL;
 pFunc=GetProcAddress(hDll,"VSDllRegisterServer");// VSDllUnregisterServer ,if unregister
 if (pFunc)
you may compile a tool ,and you need it later.now we named the tool regvsdll.
1.install vc2008 express
2.install PSDK7600,(or just vc_stdx86 in the PSDK 7600 DVD)
3.enter dir vcpackages,rename AMD64.VCPlatform.config to AMD64.VCPlatform.Express.config
rename Itanium.VCPlatform.config to Itanium.VCPlatform.Express.config
run regvsdll to register VCProjectIA64Platform.dll,VCProjectAMD64Platform.dll,Note,the root key is L"SOFTWAREMicrosoftVCExpress9.0"
4.you have to get following files if you need to enable resditor.you can found these file from a normal VS install dir or just from a trial version dvd.
run regvsdll to register resedit.dll,there is no need to register any other dlls(they are not COM dll)
5. now,start your vc 2008 express,you can create AMD64/IA64 platform configurations,and you can edit *.rc comfortably.
enjoy these hack~!Don’t forget email me interesting things you found.my address: ywjheart.at.gmail.com.
You may contact me by email to get the source code of regvsdll or other help if need.

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  1. 目前的很多微软出的东西都是使用这套安装程序,功能够强,定制性也很高.这套IDE也类似,微软现在的很多产品都是用这套IDE.


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