The DLL search path

The DLL search path is recomputed for each subsequent DLL load operation. The algorithm used to compute the search path is the same as the one used to compute the default search path, but the application can change specific path elements by editing the %PATH% variable using the SetEnvironmentVariable API, changing the current directory using […]

export ebooks from kindle

step 1: get ebooks 1. install kindle for PC. 2. delete renderer-test.exe from installation folder. 3. download ebooks in kindle step 2: install calibre step 3: install DeDRM_plugin step 4: open ebooks from calibre in kindle content folder, it auto removes DRM. step5: now can copy drm-free ebooks to other devices,  read in readers other than kindle.

Windows 10 and Win32k.sys

The basic window-management requirements for Windows 10–based devices vary considerably depending on the device in question. For example, a full desktop running Windows needs all the window manager’s capabilities, such as resizable windows, owner windows, child windows and so forth. Windows Mobile 10 running on phones or small tablets doesn’t need many of these features […]


tar(1) – Linux man page Name tar – manual page for tar 1.23 Synopsis tar [OPTION…] [FILE]… Description GNU ‘tar’ saves many files together into a single tape or disk archive, and can restore individual files from the archive. Examples tar -cf archive.tar foo bar # Create archive.tar from files foo and bar. tar -tvf […]